The 24th Supannahong Award “The Wonder of Humor”

Supannahong  announced the award 24 times already. Atmosphere tonight (March 1) celebrities walking the red carpet to avoid the event at the Thailand Cultural Centre.

The organizers of this concept. “The miracle of humor” to honor the people in the film industry, both foreground and background, with excellent results. As a contribution to the public eye in 2557.

For “award of the 24th Supannahong” has resulted in the following areas.

1 exceptional visualization techniques (Best Visual Effects) “Saming Pran Laa Pran”. The Bangkok Post Limited.

2 great special effects makeup (Best Make Up Effects)  ”Hong Hun”.

3 Best Costume Design (Best Costume Design), “Prae Kao”.

4 Best Art Direction (Best Art Direction), “Kit Thung Wittaya”.

5 of Top Spot (Best Original Score), “Kit Thung Wittaya”.

6 Music, the Best Film (Best Original Song),  ”Kit Thung Wittaya”.

7 great sound recording and mixing (Best Recording and Sound Mixing) “Lub Louang Lok”.

8 respectively excellent (Best Film Editing)  ”Kit Thung Wittaya”.

9 Cinematography (Best Cinematography),  ”Kit Thung Wittaya”.

10 Best Screenplay (Best Screenplay), “Kit Thung Wittaya”.

11. Supporting Actress (Best Supporting Actress), “Saipan” Apinya Arunjareonsuk from “Pawang Rak”.

12. Supporting Actor (Best Supporting Actor), Pongpat Wachirabunjong from “Prae Kao”.

13 Leading Actress (Best Actress), “Jarinporn Chunkiat”  from “The Timeline”.

14 Leading Actor (Best Actor)  ”Jirayu Laoongmanee” from “Tukkae Rak Pang Mak”

15. Best Director (Best Director) “Lee Chatametikool” from the direction of “Pawang Rak”.

16 great movies (Best Picture),  ”Pawang Rak”.


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